Cleaning Testimonials

Reviewed by Tom Robinson on Feb 26, 2017

Fair rates, competent carpet cleaners, good timing - a company I would recommend to my friends and relatives.

Reviewed by Mike Hall, MD of “Hall & Partners” Ltd. on Aug 23, 2016

We wanted to change our regular cleaning provider because the quality had gone bad the last month or so. After an extensive search, I stumbled upon Lytton & Lily Cleaning and got in touch with them. They offered a good regular cleaning plan and I decided to go for it. Four months have passed and I can’t think of something they have done wrong - my office is perfectly maintained and we all enjoy a cleaner work environment.

Reviewed by Christopher Evans on Feb 1, 2016

Their carpet cleaning service was OK - the price was comparable with the competitors’ and they came on time. Didn’t like the fact that one of their cleaners’ English skills were close to zero. I taught proper communication with clients is essential for service improvement or am I mistaken…?

Reviewed by Saanvi Badal on Feb 1, 2016

I have booked their services twice and so far I have enjoyed a high efficiency and reasonable pricing. Sometimes I could be quite edgy and give the technicians hard time cleaning my carpet. Their staff though, have shown understanding and have met all my cleaning standards. Lytton & Lily Cleaning is my company of choice.

Reviewed by Susan C. Davies on Oct 22, 2014

Called them for an end of tenancy cleaning a couple of days ago. Their price was quite fair, the technicians friendly and they did a good job. Will use their carpet care services in the future too.

Reviewed by Joe Colton on Oct 1, 2014

Hired them to help me remove some wine spills off my carpet. Their reaction was quick and a 2-men carpet cleaning team was sent in less than two hours. The technicians did their usual pre-treatment inspection and told me there’s a big chance the wine spots could be removed entirely. The final result was rather satisfying. Lytton & Lily Cleaning did perform as promised.

Reviewed by Mary Thomson on May 8, 2013

Dog poo isn’t a pleasant surprise. My Sally had punished me for not having time to walk her out and delivered her “waste” on my living room’s carpet. Tried to clean it by myself, but couldn't remove it completely. I then called Lytton & Lily Cleaning, a carpet cleaning company I had hired before, to help me clean my dog’s vengeance off my floor. That was not a problem for them and the nasty poo spot was quickly removed. They even applied some rejuvenating spray for a long term fibre protection. Next time I’ll just wake up earlier and give my dog the walk she needs.

Reviewed by Jennifer Walker on Feb 1, 2012

Wanted to thoroughly clean all my house sleeping quarters and therefore I started looking on the Internet for a reliable cleaning provider in Camden, London. I then decided to book Lytton & Lily Cleaning for a one-time overall cleaning. The price they offered was alright, but the cleaners did some clumsy work cleaning the corridor carpet’s edges. They offered a free re-clean the next day, but I decided to hire another company instead.

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