Regular Domestic Cleaning

regular cleaning in LondonWeekly based cleaning is a must-do task if you want to have a clean & healthy home. However, such activity is time-consuming and modern day homo sapiens often lack time of doing. Professional home care is the solution most of you need. Lytton & Lily Cleaning is a cleaning provider that has been around for almost 10 years and have been an important partner for many households when it comes to regular domestic cleaning London duties.

You can book this service:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly

You only book once, state your terms and we’ll keep cleaning your home or office until you no longer need us. You’ll be appointed a skilled & experienced cleaner who’ll be the same every time so that he can gain your trust and know how to better and faster clean your home. No minimum contract required.

Service Details

Our regular domestic cleaning London service can be tailored according to every customer needs. The checklist you see below can be complemented with other tasks you have in mind as far as they are within our professional range. We do a thorough domestic cleaning of your living room, kitchen, hallway, bedroom & bathroom. The cleaning maid that will be appointed to you is Police checked, English-speaking and constantly trained.

Main cleaning checklist:

  • We hoover carpets & rugs
  • We mop hard floors
  • We wipe the dust off
  • We polish the surfaces
  • We clean the kitchen appliances
  • We do the dishes
  • We do the ironing & laundry
  • We tidy up & fold clothes
  • We change the bin bags and take the trash out
  • We change the bed linen
  • We clean the windows( where reachable without a ladder )
  • Outdoors cleaning is considered extra service
  • We hold keys ( upon arrival, key pick up or delivered personally to our office)

NB! All cleaning materials are to be provided by you. In case you want us to bring our own, you should pay additionally. Ironing & laundry is a part of the service but only if there’s some time left after completing all of the above. We, therefore, advise you to book some extra time if you want our maids to carry out those tasks as well.

Hire Us For Quality Regular Cleaning In London Now!

Getting a pro domestic cleaning assistance on a regular basis is a matter of just one call - 020 3746 1810. We’ll appoint you an experienced and friendly cleaning specialist that will keep your home in pristine condition as long as you require. Although regular cleaning takes less time to perform, we suggest booking an extended first visit (at least 1 hour) so that our cleaner will have the chance to get familiar with the size of your place, its rooms and furniture arrangement and so to provide better and quicker service with every visit that follows.