Carpet Cleaning Bromley BR1 Specialists

carpet cleaning Bromley BR1Carpets are generally prefered floor cover because of their attractive appearance and soft surface. These floor variations though, tend to gather fair number of soil, dust particles & germs.

These toxins are dangerous to your health and need to be removed right away. This is where we step up - Lytton & Lily Cleaning is a competent carpet cleaning provider in Bromley BR1 that can properly eliminate stains and refresh your carpet. We are obtainable 365 days a year; our costs are reasonable; You only pay whenever you make sure we have delivered the fantastic carpet care service you deserve! Get in touch today!

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Some carpets are really delicate and need specific techniques when handling them (sisal, seagrass, and all non water resistant tissues). Our cleaning technicians are well skilled and know how to distinguish and handle all of them. On these kinds of situations, they would use special powders and sprays in whose substances will blend with all pollutant agents stuck deeply straight into carpet fibres. Our cleaners will then continue to eliminating them by simply just hoover the carpet. This approach needs no make use of water hence the absolutely no drying out period.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Bromley BR1

The hot water extraction method is primarily utilised to remove deeply loaded dirt particles and every type of substances off fabricated or woolen carpets. A 220° hot water combined with specific solution and then inserted in the carpet and taken out afterwards. The residue left tend to be beneath 2%.

The Advantages of a Specialized Carpet Care

  • Successful removing of pretty deep stuck dust and soil particles and also stains of all types
  • Successful removal of dust mites and allergens
  • Color renewal
  • Effective fibre protection
  • Minimizing of traffic lanes consequences

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Making an arrangement for our carpet cleaning Bromley BR1 service is uncomplicated - complete our booking form or directly call 020 3746 1810. We can provide you fair prices and same day cleaning sessions. We work seven days per week with no exception for public holidays. We start every single day at 8 AM and end our appointments at 6 PM. Our carpet cleaners also do late night cleanup sessions for an additional fee. You can choose to pay through credit card, check, cash or bank wire. We are a professional cleaning company that always delivers!