London Residents' Major Domestic Cleaning Ally

Lytton & Lily Cleaning started as a small carpet cleaning company back in early 2008. In the beginning, we were but a handful of people with great knowledge and experience in cleaning carpets of all kinds. Little by little, we grew to become one of highly trusted professional cleaning providers in London.

The Service

We are specialized in one-off or regular carpet cleaning. As anyone else in the on the market, we do not guarantee 100% stain removal. However, our carpet cleaners London will do their best to remove as much of the dirt stains, dirt patches, oily stains, coloured drinks stains, pet urine stains, paint blood, tea, vomit, ink that threat to shorten your carpet’s life. We clean synthetic, wool and organic fabrics. Our service is suitable for both households and businesses (offices, department stores, property agencies, landlords). We have full London coverage. You can learn more on our comprehensive FAQ page. Service benefits:

  • Carpet fibre rejuvenation
  • Removal of dirt particles, allergens & germs
  • A fresher look; bad odour removal
  • 95% moisture extraction
  • Comprehensive carpet care
  • Special attention to high traffic areas & edges
  • Hassle free service
  • Special rates for regular customers
  • Special rates for landlords & real estate agencies
  • Readiness to provide extra fibre protection
  • Easy booking & same day availability
  • Prices starting at £25

The Cleaners

Our compact yet effective workforce is ready to cover most of Greater London’s area and deliver outstanding service for whoever needs it. We have several well-trained 2 men teams, that are experienced, English speaking and friendly. They care for details and leave no stains behind, therefore our low re-clean rate (under 4%).You can rely on them to efficiently clean delicate designer carpets – they sure know how to treat quality! Our cleaning technicians have all been double checked and always wear distinctive uniforms. Not only will they tackle current cleaning issues but also advise you how to protect your carpet in the long run.

Cleaning Equipment & Detergents

We have powerful hot water extraction machines capable of 95% moisture extraction. The detergents what we use are only supplied by Prochem. The company is a market leader with a broad range of products that have all been certified in the UK. Upon request, we can also apply a special protection & rejuvenating spray that will prevent dirt & dust particles from amassing deeply into your carpet’s fibres. In addition, we can bring our powerful air movers that will accelerate drying time

How Do Clients Rate Our Services

“Called them twice so far to help clean some nasty wine stains on my wool twist carpet. They arrived as promised and immediately began with carpet inspection and pre-treatment. The work was carried out rather quickly and the stain was almost completely gone. I never taught anyone could provide carpet stain removal to such extent. Now I know who my favourite carpet cleaners are!” Susie Collins

“Held a little move out party and didn’t succeed in keeping my place-to-leave as damage free as possible. Furthermore, the lads had spilt some beer and even vomited on my carpet too. Luckily, right before they left, one of them told me about this expert carpet cleaning company that can effectively clean of all stain types. So I called them the next day and was surprised by their easy & short notice booking - they came in the late afternoon and did manage to clean all nasty stains and refresh my carpet. Next time I won’t be worried about after party cleaning - Lytton & Lily Cleaning will always step in and restore my home’s comfort.” Jake J.